Friday, June 06, 2008

CuteFlow 2.10.2 released

Another news today :-)

I just released an new Version of CuteFlow.

The new version 2.10.2 brings a lot of critical bugfixes, smaller improvements like a RSS-Feed for open circulations and updated languages.


after a long long time i just managed to get released a new version of the CD-ROM webserver Server2Go.

The reason for the long development time was that I had a lot of other things to do that need my attention. The deadline of my symfony book and I hold some workshops for PHP and Symfony. But the book is done so I have more time for Server2Go in the near future, so i hopefully can release a new version more often.

But now what is new in the version 1.6.0:

* PHP Update to 5.2.6
* Improved Proxy override
* Update Apache to 2.2.6
* Update Apache to 2.0.61
* Allows encryption of database in source folder
* Support for portable firefox (see wiki for more information on how to do)
* The shutdown message is customisable

Hope you like it!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

qooxdoo version 0.8.0alpha1 released

The team of the qooxdoo javascript framework has released the first alpha of the version 0.8.0. The new version is still far from feature complete but gives us the possibility to test some of them. The qooxdoo RIA framework has widgets that are comparable with the feature set of ExtJS. All of you who were upset about the license change of ExtJS take a look at qooxdoo, it can be a proper alternative.

qooxdoo news

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly PHP-Links: 19 May 2008

Here are some PHP links from the last week that might be interessting for you:
  • Netbeans as a PHP IDE: With the release of the version 6.1 of Netbeans there is an early access version of PHP-Support available. It's looking promising and I think with the release of Netbeans 6.5 later this year it will be comparable with the PHP Supoort of eclipse.
  • The APC-Caching-Extension was released in version 3.0.19. This is mainly a bugfix release but there is first support for the upcoming version 5.3 of PHP too.
  • There was a bugfixing and security release 1.0.16 of the stable version of the MVC-Framework Symfony.
  • The Zend Framework was updated to version 1.5.2 that has about 50 fixes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Symfony-Blog

Hello all,

i created a new blog for my symfony "adventures". As you know i'm working pretty much with symfony, so there will be a lot to tell in the future.

The first blog entry on is about how to run a symfony application from CD-ROM using symfony and Server2Go

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Server2Go Version

i released a new version of server2go last friday. This version brings a lot of new stuff

  • First step to full Vista-Support (forces admin rights to run, will hopefully be non-admin in the future)
  • Fixing bug if Server2Go is started in directory with spaces and the option startLocal set to 1
  • Fixing bug with firefox startup
  • Fixing bugs with MySQL shutdown. Make it more reliable. Data-Folder is now deleted correctly
  • Improving and fixing Bugs with mysql startup
  • New Splash and icon
  • Updated phpmyadmin to 2.10.3 and fixing missing tables
  • Support for SeaMonkey
  • New Environment variables "S2G_BASE_URL", "S2G_APACHE_PORT", "S2G_MYSQL_PORT" (see documentation for more details)
The only problem is that the new version introduces some errors with phpmyadmin. Because of this i'm releasing a bug-fix version right at the moment (v.1.5.1)


Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm a mac

After many many many user feedbacks that bothered me to write a MAC OSX version of server2go, i now have a mac system in my hands. Now i can start to write a mac version. Don't expect it in the next few months. It will take some time to get confortable with the MAC development. So it will take some time... But the first step is made :-)

And i promise not to drop support for windows ;-) I still working active on the development of server2go on the windows plattform :-)