Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Version of SimpleBrowser

Hello Server2Go users,

i have just released a new version of the SimpleBrowser, that is available as an additional download to the Server2Go package (for donators only!).

The new version of SimpleBrowser is now configurable in some ways. With a simple graphical user interface you can change the default url, the windows title, the text in the about dialog and some switches to show the menu in the browser or not.

The new version is availbale now. Please take a look at

If you need a more configuratebale Browser for your Server2Go-based Application i will recommend DiscStarter (commercial licence) from mirabyte. This browser plays very nice withs Server2Go and is available under

And there are news for Server2Go too. There will be a new release within the next two weeks, fixing some bugs.




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