Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yes i am still alive. After a long period of time i will restart blogging here again. The last few month brought some remarkable changes in my life. So there was little time in writing blogs.

First of all i switched my employer so there was some time with lot of new work. The second thing eating up much of my spare time is that i am building a house. Currently we are at the last finishing tasks to do.

Since my last blog only some new versions of CuteFlow were released but never blogged here. So we are at version 2.6.3 in the meantime.

I hope to get back to all of my projects in february. There will be the long awaited version 1.4.0 of server2go, a new release of cuteflow then. I will get back to writing on my Symfony book too. Also some new things are in the planning pipe, so stay tuned.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger kanser_tjr said...

i'm kanser_tjr.
nice to meet you.
i just want to know,how to update mysql database.
coz when server2go shutdown, and then i stat again, data back like bifore.
thaks for your project. it help me


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