Saturday, June 16, 2007

News arround Server2Go

Hello all Server2Go users!

There are some news arround Server2Go:

1.) There will be a new release of Server2Go available under in some hours (upload is running).
The release adds some bugfixes an new features.

- Fixing Server2Go's version informations
- Update PHP to 5.2.3
- Update MySQL 5.0.41 (Downgradepackage to 4.x available via VIP downloads)
- Updated PHP4 downgrade package to 4.4.7
- Possibility of adding additional files for parsing in the config ini.
- Fixing problem with not accessable phpmyadmin

2.) I'm pretty happy that i found someone who is working on the vista support of Server2Go. So it looks pretty good that we will have Vista-support in the next version.

3.) To open or not to open. I must say that there were a lot of answers to my last newsletter where i mentioned to open-source Server2Go.
Curiously most of them didn't tell me that open-sourcing is a good idea! Instead there are pretty much requests on not doing so. So at the moment i tend not to open the sourceode anymore.

Happy coding



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