Monday, August 13, 2007

CuteFlow and Server2Go updates

it's time for news. First: There has been a release of a new bugfix version of CuteFlow last week. This version should solve a lot of problems. There will be a language update in the next days, that brings all language file up to date. Hopefully this was then the last release of CuteFlow before the completly rewritten version 3.0.0.

Second: I have uploaded a new version of server2go some days ago. This version brings the following changes:

- Fixing a bug that prevents the proper deletion of the local database folder directory in some cases

- You can set another config file via the commandline interface (i.e. server2go.exe -config xyz.ini)

- A lot of people wished this feature and here it is: You can now set a password for securing the used mysql database. Please take a look at this FAQ:


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