Monday, September 17, 2007

New Server2Go Version

i released a new version of server2go last friday. This version brings a lot of new stuff

  • First step to full Vista-Support (forces admin rights to run, will hopefully be non-admin in the future)
  • Fixing bug if Server2Go is started in directory with spaces and the option startLocal set to 1
  • Fixing bug with firefox startup
  • Fixing bugs with MySQL shutdown. Make it more reliable. Data-Folder is now deleted correctly
  • Improving and fixing Bugs with mysql startup
  • New Splash and icon
  • Updated phpmyadmin to 2.10.3 and fixing missing tables
  • Support for SeaMonkey
  • New Environment variables "S2G_BASE_URL", "S2G_APACHE_PORT", "S2G_MYSQL_PORT" (see documentation for more details)
The only problem is that the new version introduces some errors with phpmyadmin. Because of this i'm releasing a bug-fix version right at the moment (v.1.5.1)



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