Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm a mac

After many many many user feedbacks that bothered me to write a MAC OSX version of server2go, i now have a mac system in my hands. Now i can start to write a mac version. Don't expect it in the next few months. It will take some time to get confortable with the MAC development. So it will take some time... But the first step is made :-)

And i promise not to drop support for windows ;-) I still working active on the development of server2go on the windows plattform :-)


Friday, August 17, 2007

PHP Professional training course

I'm happy to announce that i will part of the PHP Pro online training at dynamic web pages. The course will be held from 20th of november till 3rd of december 2007. I will train the part object relational mapping using Doctrine and Propel. If you are interessted in this course, just visist the training site:


Monday, August 13, 2007

CuteFlow and Server2Go updates

it's time for news. First: There has been a release of a new bugfix version of CuteFlow last week. This version should solve a lot of problems. There will be a language update in the next days, that brings all language file up to date. Hopefully this was then the last release of CuteFlow before the completly rewritten version 3.0.0.

Second: I have uploaded a new version of server2go some days ago. This version brings the following changes:

- Fixing a bug that prevents the proper deletion of the local database folder directory in some cases

- You can set another config file via the commandline interface (i.e. server2go.exe -config xyz.ini)

- A lot of people wished this feature and here it is: You can now set a password for securing the used mysql database. Please take a look at this FAQ: