Saturday, June 30, 2007

Server2Go and CuteFlow again

Hello all,

there are a lot of news today.

1.) Server2Go get "digged": The server2go site has digged 12 days ago. That is a great thing for me. The big problem is that there were thousands of visitors in a short time and in addition thousands of downloads of server2go iself. That was to much for the server of my hoster :-) There were a lot of server downs this day. I bought an additional hosting apckage for downloads at the same day so that shouldn't happen any more. Though the hosting costs are even higher now :-(

If you are interessted you can digg here

2.) CuteFlow has its own digg story too. Take a look at this

3.) I released a new version of CuteFlow some days ago. The new version 2.9.0 solves a lot of problems of the old version. More details can be found on the new cuteflow homepage

4.) I uploaded a new version of server2go some minutes ago. The new versions brings some new features (progressba on startup and shutdown) and fixes some very critical bugs. You can find the new version on the server2go page.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

News arround Server2Go

Hello all Server2Go users!

There are some news arround Server2Go:

1.) There will be a new release of Server2Go available under in some hours (upload is running).
The release adds some bugfixes an new features.

- Fixing Server2Go's version informations
- Update PHP to 5.2.3
- Update MySQL 5.0.41 (Downgradepackage to 4.x available via VIP downloads)
- Updated PHP4 downgrade package to 4.4.7
- Possibility of adding additional files for parsing in the config ini.
- Fixing problem with not accessable phpmyadmin

2.) I'm pretty happy that i found someone who is working on the vista support of Server2Go. So it looks pretty good that we will have Vista-support in the next version.

3.) To open or not to open. I must say that there were a lot of answers to my last newsletter where i mentioned to open-source Server2Go.
Curiously most of them didn't tell me that open-sourcing is a good idea! Instead there are pretty much requests on not doing so. So at the moment i tend not to open the sourceode anymore.

Happy coding


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Symfony Trainings

I'm using The symfony-framework for a while now. I gave my first Symfony training some weeks ago. So if you interessted you can hire me for training too. The training is 2 or 3 days long and can be hold in all german speaking countries. You can get more information on this page.

More work on cuteflow

It's done. After a lot of work, there is a new homepage for the CuteFlow project. The new homepage comes at the same time as the new release of CuteFlow which brings a lot of new features and will be one of the last versions before the V3 that will be the next big step in the CuteFlow development. Cause the V3 is a lot of work we are quite happy that with Chris and Zaheed two more developers joined the development team.